Finesse News Network’s Gear Guide: Hag’s Undertaker Jr.


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Ohio co-angler tops EverStart Northern on 1000 Islands

18.Aug.2012 by David A. Brown
CLAYTON, N.Y. – When Joseph Stois, Sr. helped design a lightweight, sensitive drop-shot stick for Kistler Rods, he surely envisioned reeling up quality bass. Well, today, that rod helped him gather five of those quality bass and win the EverStart Northern Division tournament on the 1000 Islands. Read more…

Rod-bending revelry on the Rio Grande reservoir

24.May.2012 by David A. Brown
Its Spanish name means “friendship” and bass anglers who value that rare mix of quality and quantity will enjoy getting to know Lake Amistad. A largemouth powerhouse that attracts a steady stream of tournament and casual angling interest to its namesake National Recreation Area – the Rio Grande reservoir just 12 miles northwest of Del Rio, Texas… Read more…

New Tackle Announcement | Hag’s Undertaker Jr. Released

11.Oct.2011 by Jason Sealock
Tommy Hagler sent us some of his new Undertaker Junior soft baits. We liked the original Undertaker, but the profile is made for much larger bass. In some fisheries the profile of a bait can limit your bites and options if the fish are keyed in on certain profiles. Sometimes big baits catch big bass. And sometimes big baits catch no bass. Read more…

Gear up for second half heroics

10.Mar.2011 by David A. Brown

If we compared the southern spawning season to a football game, mid-March finds two quarters of play completed. But while the first part of the season has been stellar by most accounts, the second half of the spawn promises some highlight reel moments as well. Read more…

Law overcomes culling error for co-angler lead

23.Jun.2010 by Brett Carlson
Law couldn’t explain it either, other than saying he used an 8-inch Hags Tornado, a ringworm style soft plastic (green pumpkin), on a 1/2-ounce jig head. Read more…

Good Things in Big Packages

Good things come in “big” packages. A slight variation on the old adage but it has a totally different meaning to bass anglers. I’m not talking about the pretty packaging that lures come in nowadays that we have to remove with a scalpel and surgical trocar. I mean literally the size of the package of a hot bait, especially if said bait is a soft plastic shape. Read more…

Hags Tornado New Creature Bait…The Undertaker

We just got our first look at the new Hag’s Tornado Undertaker Creature Bait and its sweet. A cross between a ring worm, a crawdad and the creature from the black lagoon, the 6.5 inch Undertaker has more arms than a daddy long leg spider and more moves than a P-Diddy New Years Eve Party. Two mid-body arms, two pinchers and… Read more…

Hag’s Tornado

08.Dec.2009 by FLW Outdoors Magazine Editors
This unique soft-bait design incorporates the characteristics of a stickbait, floating worm and ringworm into one package. The result is a truly unique action in the water. The worm is available in three sizes – F4, F5 and F8 – with the F6.5 coming soon. Each number indicates its length in inches. The Tornado is available in 20 colors… Read more…

Law second

18.Sep.2009 by Rob Newell
Jason Law of Brunswick, Ga., finished second in the Co-angler Division at Clarks Hill with a three-day total of 21 pounds, 3 ounces worth $9,448. Read more…

Stren Series veteran appears to have found winning formula

17.Jan.2009 by Brett Carlson
ZAPATA, Texas – With nearly identical conditions and a 7-pound lead, pro Dan Schoonveld appears to be in prime position to get the monkey off his back and claim his first Stren Series victory. In the past four years, he’s finished second three times – including a devastating runner-up finish at the 2007 Stren qualifier on Lake Amistad. Read more…


Hag’s Tornado Baits contributes to the Contest

Alright folks, Tommy Hagler from Hag’s Tornado Baits has added to the Ultimate Christmas Contest with 4 packages each of the 5″ and 8″ versions of his new bait.  The cool part is they are brand new and are literally being poured today. Read more…